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Fisher Price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Mr. Freeze

Fisher Price Imaginext Dc Super Friends

Fisher Price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Mr. Freeze manufactured by Fisher-price actually is excellent to play with! The barcode for this is 0027084666007. The special features include freeze chamber approx. 4"l x 2"w x 3"h and figure approx. 2"l x 1"w x 3"h. It's dimensions are 7.48"H x 6.3"W. It has a weight of 0.42 lbs.


Model: N3701
UPS: 027084666007
Package Quantity: 1

Imagine. Ice blast fits on Mr. Freeze together with the freeze form fits most Imaginext figures! Will this villain ice blast the whole city into a deep freeze? Or will Batman be capable of get Mr. Freeze to chill out? You decide what happens subsequent! Figures fit inside freezing chamber! Mr. Freeze, the evil enemy of Batman and Gotham City is as much as his icy tricks-again! It's a whole new adventure every single time you play. He's ready to send shivers throughout the city, freezing something and everyone in his path.


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