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Fisher-price Imaginext Allosaurus Dino

Imaginext Allosaurus Dino
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Fabulous to play superheroes along with Imaginext Allosaurus Dino - a great toy made by Fisher-price! I do believe you will love that the toy offers this feature, two power tools on each arm for drilling and moving debris. Other highlights consist of main gear is a control station. The Imaginext toy dimensions are 6"H x 11"L x 6"W. It has a weight of 1.1 lbs. These Imaginext toys comes in green. 746775091927 is the bar code, also called the Universal Product Code for this item. If you want a great deal for this toy for your kids, visit our affilate link.


Model: W9544
UPS: 746775091927
Color: Green
Package Quantity: 1

With completely removable gear for classic dino play and awesome kid activated features, the Allosaurus is ready for action! There is a storage rack on the back of the gear and figure comes making use of a pick ax and helmet for added play. Unlike any dinosaur in the line when the gear is removed from the dino it becomes its personal robotic exo suit for the included figure! His main piece of gear is really a manage station with two energy tools on each arm, a single is in fact a power auger for drilling deep into the earth (mineral rock included) and also the other is a mechanical claw for moving debris.


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