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Imaginext Dc Super Friends Exclusive Gotham City Gotham City Playset

Imaginext Dc Super Friends Exclusive
Imaginext Dc Super Friends Exclusive Gotham City Gotham City Playset Image 1

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Fisher Price

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The Fisher Price Imaginext Gotham City Playset features the Joker and Bruce Wayne with his helmet and cape. In the basement of Wayne Tower, Batman has a garage to store the Batmobile in in addition to a place to hold his helmet and cape. Comes with projectile launcher, Bruce Wayne, Helmet and Cape to create him Batman, The Joker, Projectile launcher with projectile, playset with fold out stairs two figure activations (bank wall and door, elevator with Bat symbol shutters) and pop through wall into Wayne tower. The Joker hideout is under the Gotham Bank having a blast through wall that he can use to break into Wayne tower With fold out side steps the Joker can get up to the front in the bank where he can use the disc to either blow the side of the bank open or open the front door and walk correct in. The center tower features an elevator activated by the right hand turn disc when you raise it for the best the figure pops out of hidden doors from the tower in addition to all the shutters on the window close revealing a Bat symbol. Batman can jump over to the top left tower and use the projectile launcher to stop The Joker and take him towards the police station and put him inside the holding cell.


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