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Imaginext Dc Super Friends Mini Figure The Riddler With Question Mark Launcher And Target

Imaginext Dc Super Friends Mini Figure

Fantastic to play super heroes now with Imaginext Dc Super ! Model# 0027084828818. One of the best characteristics is the press launcher to send question mark arrows at the target. The Imaginext toy dimensions are 7.48"H x 6.3"W. It weighs roughly 0.47 lbs. Best deal for the imaginext dc super friends mini figure the riddler with question mark launcher and target . We want you to get the best price and service when shopping for a toy!


Model: R5512
UPS: 027084828818
Package Quantity: 1

Imagine. Batman TM has just received a tricky riddle, sent from the game-playing Riddler himself! Just press the launcher to watch the question marks fly! Will Batman be able to solve the puzzle, or will The Riddler stump him with his mind games?


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