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This item is extremely popular! Imaginext Mega T-rex has to be your kids biggest brand-new superhero. I actually liked that the toy has the feature of push the button to make his neck swing and jaw open while roaring like a real dinosaur. It's 12"H x 16"L x 8"W. It has a weight of 4.37 lbs. Best price on the imaginext mega t-rex , add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.


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The Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex will transport your kid to a fantastical world of dinosaurs, robots, and soldiers. Standout capabilities consist of two firing cannons, an opening cockpit, plus a push button that tends to make T-Rex burst into action. Mega T-RexAges: Three to eightRequires: Ready to playAt a Glance:Motorized dinosaur toy gives exciting, imaginative playPush the button on T-Rex's back to watch him come to lifeRemovable armor and accessories offer kids distinct optionsComes making use of a figurine, armor, and two projectile cannons Designed for ages 3 and up, this motorized toy attributes enough interactive parts, sound effects, and snap-on accessories to maintain your youngster occupied for hours.

Turn the figure to open the manage pod. View larger. New Take on Classic Toy

Standing over 1 foot in height, Imaginext Mega T-Rex adds a new, futuristic dimension to classic dinosaur play. This can be no ordinary dinosaur toy: Mega T-Rex is equipped with robotic armor, including tech arms and a protective helmet. He even has two blasters mounted on his armor, which can fire projectiles throughout the heat of battle. T-Rex also comes having a miniature soldier figure who can"take manage"of T-Rex by sitting in his cockpit.

If your kids are inside the mood for a a lot much more traditional dinosaur game, they can just snap off Mega T-Rex's armor. Exciting Motorized Action and Sound Effects T-Rex features everything you'd expect from a dinosaur toy, from his scaly hide to his fearsome teeth and snapping jaws. Even with out his high-tech accessories, the dinosaur can provide plenty of imaginative thrills.

Mega T-Rex is partially motorized and features many moving parts. However, the end outcomes are worth a little extra noise pollution: T-Rex's movements are very convincing and are sure to captivate the imaginations of young children. His arms and tail are also animated. Multiple Features Encourage Imagination With a touch from the button on his back, T-Rex comes to life: he throws his head back, opens his jaws, and lets out a ferocious roar. One unfortunate downside is the reality that the motor is fairly loud and can muffle T-Rex's roaring sound.

Mega T-Rex is designed to spark your child's natural creativity and imagination. What's inside the Box The toy's motorized parts, sounds, and accessories give kids plenty of imaginative options. Older children will love pitting Mega T-Rex against their other toys in play battles. They might imagine T-Rex stomping more than a prehistoric landscape--or they can snap on his armor and be transported to an exciting futuristic universe where dinosaurs still rule. Younger kids will likely be charmed by the dinosaur's stylized, cartoonish appear and his bright colors.


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