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Fisher-price Imaginext Motorized Spinosaurus

Imaginext Motorized Spinosaurus

Imaginext Motorized is a very excellent and exciting hero toy! I in fact loved that the toy has the feature of includes spinosaurus, armor, imaginext figure, figure's armor, and projectile for cannon. Other features consist of removable armor for classic dino play!. It's dimensions are 8"H x 4"L x 11"W. If you want a good deal on this toy, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.


Model: X7631
UPS: 746775164782
Package Quantity: 1

The new Imaginext Motorized Dino Assortment brings motorized action, sound effects and transforming armor for the Dino-Tech line. Boys will have a great time having prehistoric role play. Includes figure, unique armor and helmet.


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