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Fisher-price Imaginext Sea Dragon Island

Imaginext Sea Dragon Island
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Imaginext Sea Dragon from Fisher-price is definitely a blast to play with. I definitely loved that the toy has includes exciting accessories and activation points. The manufacturer's number for this fantastic product is R3357. The Imaginext toy dimensions are 15.5"H x 11.7"L x 6"W and it weighs something like 1 lbs. Shopping for Imaginext Sea Dragon . I would like for you to get the best price when selecting a toy. Please, check out the buyers market link.


Model: R3357
UPS: 027084814323
Package Quantity: 1

The Imaginext Serpent Playset is a playset that features a globe of accessories and activation points. Turn the disk on the bottom to open the front gate or turn the disk on top to rotate the serpents head and launch the gold coins out of its mouth! Place both figures on the feature point, pull the lever and watch the sword fight! The playset comes with a little boat, 3 gold coins, a clam, two figures and helmets that can activate all of the feature points. Just twist the figures to reveal an action! If there's an intruder trying to acquire inside the playset, just use the serpent's tail to shoo them away!


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