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Fisher-price Imaginext Triceratops Dino

Imaginext Triceratops Dino
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Fisher-price Imaginext Triceratops Dino , a great Imaginext toy made by Fisher-price will be good fun to play with. I actually loved that the toy has the feature of press a button and the battering rams extend for great action. The toy is 7.5" Height x 11" Length x 4" Width. For more information regarding this Imaginext toy, click on the add to shopping cart button on this site.


Model: W1908
UPS: 746775035129
Package Quantity: 1

Fisher-Price Imaginext Pterodacty is really a techno dinosaur with a dino helmet, a figure helmet, a projectile launcher, a rock, a tool plus a tow hook. Tow hook can help conserve a person while projectile launcher and also the battering rams can scare enemies. Why You'll Love It: Explore the adventurous pre-historic era with this super cool dino. Age: 3 to 8 years FeaturesComes using a removable gearFeatures a projectile launcher to attackComes in an easy-to-grip sizeRecommended Ages:3 – 7


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